The arrival of our Distillery's heart and soul

Date Posted:20 October 2020 

Arrival Date: 16 October 2020

Callington Mill Distillery and Stillsmiths Tasmania are delighted to announce the delivery of the heart and soul of Callington Mill Distillery’s. The two custom made Copper Pot Stills will be the centre stage of the Tasmanian-made whisky distillery and will be enjoyed by visitors dining at the restaurant or exploring the distillery.

The momentous occasion will mark the new beginning of Callington Mill Distillery’s whisky journey and will represent the collaborative work carried out between Stillsmiths Tasmania and Callington Mill Distillery in the past years.

The meticulously crafted stills were fabricated by Stillsmiths Tasmania in Westbury, central north of Tasmania and have travelled 131 Kilometres to Oatlands today.

Co-Founder of Stillsmiths, Tim Freeman says “Stillsmiths is honoured to have been chosen by Callington Mill to manufacture their state of the art, fully automated distillery solution. Not only have we hand-crafted the copper pot stills but we’re also utilising the latest automation technology from Siemens. Callington Mill will be the jewel in Stillsmiths’ manufacturing crown”.