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Right now, there is a unique, incredible opportunity that will never come again: the chance to own a cask of the first whisky Callington Mill Distillery ever creates. 
This offer is, by its very nature, unrepeatable—it will never again be possible to buy one of these original pieces of Callington and Tasmanian whisky history.
Each cask will be filled with 100L of our new make spirit, and there are four cask options to choose from: Port, Pedro Ximenez, Oloroso and Cream Canasta. Your cask will be housed in the Founders Bond room located in the Visitor Centre.
  • 100L Pedro Ximenez oak cask - Our exclusively sourced PX casks imbue our single malt with a hint of sherry sweetness, as well as notes of dried fruit, a distinctive smoothness and a dark colouration.
  • 100L Cream Canasta oak cask - Maturing in a Cream Canasta cask allows our whisky to take on many traditional sherry flavours, such as nutmeg, raisins and orange peel, as well as a degree of dryness. 
  • 100L Oloroso oak cask - Our Oloroso casked single malt develops dark, nutty and fruity flavours, as well as a deep colour. A rich smoothness is also transferred from the original sherry.
  • 100L Port oak cask - Letting our whisky to mature in port casks helps them take on some of the sweetness of the wine, as well as complex layers of fruit and dryness.
Each cask can be purchased for $6600 (inclusive of GST) - for which you will receive:
  • 1 x 100L cask - maturation timeframe 5 – 6 years
  • Cask will be matured under ATO bond in the founders barrel room
  • Insurance
  • Video surveillance monitoring maintenance
  • Fillings will commence in June/July 2021
Upon maturation, additional costs will include:
  • Bottling + Labelling approx. $10 per bottle
    Labelled under Callington Mill Founders Private Club
  • Excise approx. $25 per bottle - depending on ABV strength
  • 100 litre cask should result in approx. 150 x 700 ml bottles - depending on desired ABV bottling strength and Angel's Share
  • Shipping at cost

Pre-order now and pay later

Only a small amount of these Founders Casks will be made available to the public. If you love Tasmanian whisky—and if you want to join us and become part of our story—reserve your cask by using the form below.

Fillings will commence in June/July 2021. You’ll be invoiced 7 days before we fill your cask, and you can cancel your order anytime beforehand.